Market Research


Market Research TelemarketingSpeaking to decision makers and influencers within your chosen verticals we are able to discuss and understand what their current market is doing regarding your chosen technologies. We are a team of experts within the Enterprise Mobility field and can engage with all manner of C level prospects to build the full picture and analytics you require.

Success of one product or service in a specific vertical will not necessarily guarantee the success of another so before investing heavily in a new sales campaign it can be wise to understand the needs and expectations with either a full market research campaign or run a trial withourselves to feedback exactly what the market is saying.

“I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the hard work and professionalism you have provided in the many activities you have worked on for me this year. We have a large pipeline of opportunity which has come from the many leads you have passed through and I wanted to thank you for this.“ - Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solutions

In the past BroadVision paid on a per appointment basis, but the success rate was only at 50% as leads were not well qualified and some appointments resulted in wasting valuable time - Broadvision