Lead Generation

Lead Generation TelemarketingUsing our proven lead generation methods we quickly pinpoint the key decision maker for your chosen technology, then through intelligent, non-scripted conversation we speak at their level gaining Business Intelligence whilst sourcing your desired information. The level of detail we are able to attain is testament to the quality of professionals we have in the office and the years of experience backing our processes.

It is of paramount importance that leads are well qualified and passed to you with an explaination of, for example; their current situation, the technology they are using, if units how many, is this going to increase and what to, if and when they are refreshing, is a budget in place etc. This would all be agreed beforehand with you and we would lead the call to ascertain whatever you are looking to find out from each company.

You will receive high value leads from a group that prides quality over quantity.

“I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the hard work and professionalism you have provided in the many activities you have worked on for me this year. We have a large pipeline of opportunity which has come from the many leads you have passed through and I wanted to thank you for this.“ - Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solutions

In the past BroadVision paid on a per appointment basis, but the success rate was only at 50% as leads were not well qualified and some appointments resulted in wasting valuable time - Broadvision