Electronic Direct Marketing (eDM)

Electronic Direct MarketingWe have the expertise in the office to design, create, implement and manage all aspects of a bulk e-mail campaign with an integrated telemarketing campaign converting interesting into leads. As with all e-mails we understand the more relevant the solution or service the higher the open/ click through rates. Due to this we will go in-depth to understand all aspects of your offering and objectives to maximise your campaign from the outset.

Worldwide statistics show it can take upto 12 weeks before e-mail marketing reaches it's pinnacle penetration so positioning the campaign in this manner from the outset increases leads opportunities tenfold.

A key element to success is the quality of the data. If you are providing the data and it hasn't been cleansed in the last 3 - 6 months it would be worth considering allowing us to go through the list to make sure it's still the correct decision makers being contacted. Please see our Data (creation/ cleanse) for more information.

For those who have the resource and capabilities to undertake your own email marketing campaigns we can fit seamlessly with following up prospects who have shown an interest by clicking through or any other completed call to action you have set. This would fall simply in our B2B technology telemarketing service.

Event Marketing

If your expected registrations are not meeting your requirements or you want to push for maximum attendance immediately we have the experience to engage with your chosen target market and confirm attendance. After the event should you want to turn these attendees into leads for your sales team we can run a calling campaign to do just that.

Driving Attendance
Of prime importance is attracting the right delegates to attend, and then ensuring that they then turn up. This is best achieved by a telephone campaign, which we can plan and co-ordinate.

Getting people to your stand
For large events where you are only one of a number of exhibitors, it is of paramount importance to ensure delegates visit your stand rather than your competitors. Calling the delegate list to raise awareness and announce incentives is an effective way to advertise your stand.

Event Follow-up
The most important information from the event is the contact list of those delegates who visited you during the event. It is imperative that these contacts are followed up quickly whilst you and your offerings are still at the forefront of their minds.

For either eDM or event marketing call us on 01793 847000 to understand how we can help increase your ROI.


“I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the hard work and professionalism you have provided in the many activities you have worked on for me this year. We have a large pipeline of opportunity which has come from the many leads you have passed through and I wanted to thank you for this.“ - Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solutions

In the past BroadVision paid on a per appointment basis, but the success rate was only at 50% as leads were not well qualified and some appointments resulted in wasting valuable time - Broadvision