Company profiling


Company ProfilingGaining a foothold into your desired blue-chip or large corporate can be the first step to developing major ongoing and growing business. Positioning your proposition without the correct background can damage your chances and potentially even close the door for future attempts. We can arm you with key in-depth information about all aspects of that company that is relevant to your products and services to maximise your chance of success.

We specialise in providing in-depth investigative analysis of the key information to enable you to capture a major new corporate client. Examples of the information it may be possible to deliver includes:

  • Company structure (e.g. by country, branch, department)
  • Relevant key decision makers and their contact details
  • Current and future buying requirements
  • Procurement and tendering processes
  • Budgets and budget allocation
  • Key pains/issues
  • Technologies in use

“I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the hard work and professionalism you have provided in the many activities you have worked on for me this year. We have a large pipeline of opportunity which has come from the many leads you have passed through and I wanted to thank you for this.“ - Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solutions

In the past BroadVision paid on a per appointment basis, but the success rate was only at 50% as leads were not well qualified and some appointments resulted in wasting valuable time - Broadvision