Technology Expertise

VHO have over a decade of experience discussing the following emerging technologies and gaining leads in these areas:

Mobile Computing
Handheld computers, vehicle-mounted computers, wearable computers, enterprise tablets

Mobile Voice Solutions
Two-way radios, intrinsic safety, multi site trunking, job ticketing

Converged Communications
Wi-Fi badges, mobile extension to PBX (over WLAN or cellular) instant PTT voice communications, 2-way interoperability, VoWLAN smartphones

Wireless Local Area Networks
Wireless switches and controllers, dependent and independent access points, bridges and adaptors, private broadband networks

Fixed, handheld, mobile and presentation RFID readers and RFID antennas

Advanced Data Capture
General purpose scanners, rugged scanners, fixed-mount scanners, Micro-Kiosks

Software as a Service (SaaS)
Application of DBMS software, CRM, CAD, CRM, ERP

Wireless Security
Modular network design, device management, monitoring and analysis, and network solutions

Warehouse Management System
Voice Picking, inventory control,  shipping and receiving, order fulfilment