Motorola Solutions Health Care Sector Case Study

Motorola Solutions Health Sector Telemarketing Campaign Case studyMotorola required VHO to probe into the Healthcare sector, targeting all PCT’s (Primary Care Trust’s) in the UK from a list supplied by Motorola. The aim of the campaign was to gather business intelligence and generate leads focused around Motorola’s whole solution based portfolio for the use of 2-way radios, Wireless Networks, VoIP, Handheld and Tablet technology. Further to this we wanted to understand what types of technologies are being used in and out of the four walls to get a clear picture as to how this industry sector is currently operating whilst cleansing the data and building a solid pipeline for the sales team.

Zetes Food Manufacturing / Processing Industry Case Study

Zetes Food Manufacturing telemarketing case studyThe aim of the campaign was to generate leads and gather business intelligence targeting companies in the food manufacturing / processing industry. The main objective of the calls were to probe for opportunities within their manufacturing, packaging and warehouse environments.

We were to target Food Processing companies with the product focus on Track & Trace solutions and gathering intelligence on warehouse shipment systems, automated packaging and labelling systems and hand held devices to find out what systems are currently being used. We were to establish as to whether they are looking to refresh or implement these types of solutions and to build a pipeline of opportunities.

Motorola Solutions National Trust Two-Way Radio Case Study

Motorola Solutions required VHO to initially investigate potential market sectors to explore with regards to their portfolio of 2-way radio products, with the aim to identify a niche. Once we had conducted our initial research we then put forward our findings and recommendations for the final campaign choice.